Armillary for Air

Commissioned for the Sir Miles Warren collection at Ohinetahi, Christchurch.

This sculpture is wind activated and is a series of four spheres located inside each other. The inner spheres have both drive and segment blades. Each sphere is separate on pivoting axles and counterweighted. The spheres work against each other as the balance shifts, when driven by the wind. The sculpture produces a series of rolling movements that entrance and tantalise the viewer.

Andrew Drummond Armillary for Air

Rolling Sphere

Commissioned by P and R Burdon for the Capricorns Gardens, Geraldine, Canterbury, New Zealand.

This sculpture is in a lake with a housing that contains a mirror polished sphere. Water jets within the housing allow it to roll on a skin of water, driving the sphere in various random directions.

As the jets change direction, a mist of water envelopes and swirls around the sphere. The visual effect is entrancing and playful, providing a gentle and mesmerising event.

Rolling Sphere
Rolling Sphere in the studio
Rolling Sphere in the studio

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